My Discovery Destination: Providing Free Family Fun Activities

Since 2017, My Discovery Destination! has provided families with free family fun. Beginning as a summer passport program to keep kids’ bodies active and minds engaged, it quickly expanded into a year-round resource helping families find free opportunities to spend quality time together as a family.

Everything My Discovery Destination! does is about strengthening families and building resilience in kids. Families can select from a wide variety of ‘Adventures’ in their local area.

“At My Discovery Destination! our goal is to get families to spend quality time together so that key conversations can take place, bonding can happen, and those important family relationships can flourish,” explains Sharilee Griffiths, director and CEO. “When COVID-19 hit, life changed overnight, and families had to figure out new ways to navigate an ever-changing world. All activities outside of the home disappeared overnight, there was a sense of loss and fear all around, and many families struggled to figure out their changing circumstance.”

The Discovery Family Adventures launched in September 2019 and created valuable opportunities for families to connect. “We were able to provide access to hundreds of free resources for families,” Griffiths said. “School closures were announced on Friday, and by Monday, we provided access to more than 100 free resources to help families.”

The program also looked for new ways to help create Covid-safe fun for families. Utilizing Discovery Hunts, app-based games and activities for families, they were able to provide new, unique ways for families to engage safely with each other and even with extended family and friends safely. Discovery Hunts allowed families to come together while staying apart physically.

When the state of Utah instituted its Shop In Utah grant, it provided My Discovery Destination! an opportunity to help other struggling businesses by providing a 50% discount, or even a full membership waiver, to Adventure Partners that were also struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are grateful the Shop in Utah grant allowed us to continue to provide these valuable resources to families while also supporting and assisting our valuable Adventure Partners that are an important part of what we do,” Griffiths added.

Here’s an overview of My Discovery Destination! and a sampling of submissions from families for various hunts.