Recognizing and highlighting the stories of 100 Utah companies that are striving to better support women.
Applications for 2023 are closed.

As part of the new Inspire In Utah initiative, 100 Companies Championing Women focuses on recognizing and highlighting the stories of 100 Utah companies that offer family-friendly policies and practices, as well as women-specific initiatives known to impact the recruiting, hiring, retaining, and advancing of women employees, managers, and leaders.

Professional development for women, flexible schedules, and continuing education efforts.

Onsite childcare, flexible work locations and schedules, excellent benefits, employee engagement group for women, and female representation in mid- and senior leadership.

Maternity leave initiatives, flexibility in work schedules and locations, professional development support, and compensation

Flexible work schedules and locations, offering benefits for part-time workers, and tuition reimbursement benefits.

Women recruiting strategies, pay equity efforts, and promoting women to top leadership positions.

Women-specific professional development offerings, flexible schedules, remote work, individual return to work plans.

Part-time professional roles, support after maternity leave, job sharing, and flexibility with work location.

“Returnships” or other programs for returning workers, part-time professional roles, women-specific leadership development program.

Women of Canopy Employee Resource Group, paid parental leave, flexible schedules, recruiting efforts, and executive sponsorship and involvement

The Keys to Success Women in Leadership Women's Retreat, childcare support, pay equity, and flexible hours.

Adoption and fertility benefits, inclusive paid family leave options, pay equity efforts, and women ERGs focusing on technology.

Women’s pay equality, parity matrices, family-friendly schedules, and flexible leave benefits.

Pay and hiring equity, ERG programs, Improvements in family leave benefits, and increasing women executives.

Baby-friendly workspace, the Bucket List Grant program, flexibility with work location and schedules.

Programs in mentoring, flexible schedules and benefits for families, childcare assistance.

Equal pay, child care benefits, infertility and adoption benefits, women's ERG, and remote work policy.

Women- and family-friendly benefits, women's leadership development programs, intentional recruiting for improved diversity, and annual pay equity audit.

Parental leave, board diversification, flexible hours, and benefits for part-time employees.

Employer-sponsored women-led investment options, flexible schedules and remote work options, return-to-work program, and focus on women in executive roles.

Women employee resource group, childcare benefits, flexible work schedules, parental bonding, pay equity.

Returnships, women’s career strategies, parent-support initiatives, and work-life support.

Women in Engineering Scholarship, Women Empowered (WE) Afficinity Group, parity pledge, diversity inclusion council, Bloom.

Flexibility with work hours and location, part-time professional roles, women on board, and family leave.

Formal job-sharing program, remote work options, flexible hours, diversity in leadership roles, pay equity, and mentor programs targeted at women.

Women's Leadership Mentor Program, returnships, childcare support, paid family leave, flexibility with working hours/schedules.

Women in leadership, work and family flexibility, tuition reimbursement, and fertility benefits.

Part-time professional roles, flexible work location, flexible work hours, and part-time work with full benefits.

Women-based programs, women's education, career development, women board members, and women's networking efforts.

Parental leave, recruiting strategies focused on increasing women employees, remote work options.

Women-specific leadership and professional development, increased women on board and executive team, and support for new mothers returning to work.

LevelUp program, internal women’s network and ERG, bias awareness training, and inclusive hiring strategies.

Flexibility with work location, paid family leave, transition back to work support after maternity leave, part-time professional roles.

Adoption and fertility benefits, compressed work week, flexibility with work location and hours, and women's leadership initiative.

Childcard and adultcare support, adoption and fertility benefits, paid parental leave, women's network, mental wellbeing support.

Flexibility with working hours/schedules, recruiting strategies, remote work options, paid family leave, and part-time professional roles.

Flexible schedules and remote work options, pay equity effots, and women leadership roles.

Diversity in leadership, flexible location, flexibility with working hours/schedule, transition back-to-work support after maternity leave.

Women’s emotional support, gender pay gap equity, women’s ERGs, and flexible work schedules.

Women's Conference, iReturn internships, The Northrop Grumman Women’s International Network, mentorships, recruiting strategies.

Hybrid work schedule, paid leave, diversity in leadership roles, pay equity, and Women Rising ERG.

Childcare support, flexibility with remote work options, part-time professional roles, diversity in senior leadership roles, Women's ERGs, flexible scheduling.

Mentorship and networking opportunities, work flexibility, affordable housing program, and the Women's Giving Fund program.

Mentor programs targeted at women, increased presence of women on board, and pay equity efforts.

Flexibility with work location and hours, part-time professional roles, and back-to-work support after maternity leave.

Transition back-to-work support after maternity leave, paid family leave, pay equity efforts, women-specific professional development offerings.

Childcare support, paid family leave, equitable pay efforts, inclusion council, remote work options.

Part-time work with full benefits, women-specific leadership development program, parental leave, flexible work models, and women ERG.

Flexibility with work hours and schedules, women on board, and empowering women and supporting families, pay equity.

Paid family leave, mentor and/or sponsorship programs targeted at women, diversity in mid- and senior leadership roles, presence of women on board

Women's ERG, completing the Elevate Her Challenge, listening and engagement sessions, and flexible hours and locations.

Paid family leave, flexible work location, support after maternity leave, mentorship, and women in leadership.

Mentorship and sponsorship programs targeting women, pay equity efforts, paid and unpaid time off, providing training and growth opportunities for female employees.

Flexibility with work location, flexibility with work hours/schedules, paid family leave, women board members.

women in mid and senior roles, flexible hours and location, recruiting efforts, and pay equity.

Remote work options, part-time professional roles, diversity in mid- and senior leadership roles.

Diversity in mid- and senior leadership roles, pay equity efforts, recruiting strategies focused on increasing women employees, women-specific leadership development program, women-specific professional development offerings.

Diversifying in the manufacturing and engineering field, recruiting focused on women, mentorship and development of females in leadership.

Squire's Women Improving Professionally group (WIP), sponsorship and mentorship programs, paid family leave benefits, and pay equity efforts.

Support after maternity leave, benefits for part-time employees, flexibility with work schedule, flexibility with work location.

Work flexibility, pay equity efforts, leadership and professional development, and mentorship programs.

LIFT women, recruiting strategies focusing on women, transition after maternity leave, and increasing diversity in mid, senior, executive.

Mentorship and internship advocacy, intersectional diversity, women’s leadership and professional development programs, and family-friendly policies.

Return-to-work programs, women in upper management and on boards, diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, and flexible schedules and location options.

Women in leadership program, inclusive benefits strategy, flexibility and work life balance, adding female professionals to your board of directors, and recruitment strategies.

Women-specific professional development, women in senior leadership roles, flexibility with work location and schedule, and tuition reimbursement.

Tuition reimbursement, paid family leave, Utah Women in Higher Education Network (UWHEN).

Women's mentorship and sponsorship programs, women's ERGs, and women's leadership development programs.

Women’s orgnizations support, pay equity efforts, flexible work schedules, and family-friendly policies.

Women’s ERG, back-to-work transition program, flexible working location, and women’s leadership development and representation.

Women-specific professional development offerings, remote work options, pay equity, and mentorship programs.

Your ERG programs, including women on your board, paid family leave policies, and increases in diversity.

Part-time professional roles, job sharing, pay equity efforts, transition back-to-work support after maternity leave.

Women’s career development, women’s political encouragement, educational seminars, and the ElevateHer challenge.

Accepting the Elevate Her Challenge, flexible hours, women on boards, and supporting new mothers.