About In Utah

‘In Utah’ represents all you can do and experience in the ‘Life Elevated’ state. The ‘In Utah’ initiative is part of Utah’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, intended to help Utahns make healthy choices and support local economies.

‘In Utah’ is focused on intentional connections between consumers, businesses and experiences in Utah. It is positive to the core, non-apologetic, inspirational and informative.

The state selected the ‘In Utah’ campaign because of its strength, simplicity and versatility. It helps elevate Utahns’ consumer confidence amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The initiative also educates Utahns of consumer responsibility to follow CDC, state and local health department guidelines. It engages Utahns in statewide economic opportunity initiatives as we work together to reactivate Utah’s diverse economy.

Partner municipalities, organizations and businesses can join the ‘In Utah’ campaign by sharing messaging, providing discounts and offers to customers and supporting distribution of campaign promotional materials.

The ‘In Utah’ campaign is managed by the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity in partnership with Salt Lake City-based Rumor Advertising.

‘In Utah’ is a public information and education initiative funded with CARES Act money appropriated by the Utah Legislature (in H.B. 4001). This initiative encourages Utahns to shop and buy local goods, services and cultural experiences. It’s objective is statewide economic reactivation through the support of local businesses and nonprofits.

‘In Utah’ serves as an umbrella campaign for many COVID-19 pandemic response initiatives, supporting ‘Healthy In Utah’ and ‘Learn & Work In Utah’ (from H.B. 5010). Several other legislative special session initiatives are named after the state’s ‘In Utah’ campaign, including ‘Shop In Utah,’ ‘Safe In Utah,’ and ‘Create In Utah.’ 

In addition to this website, a Spanish (En Español) version of the site is available at

Social media channels are found @AllInUtah on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

We invite you to join the #InUtah effort.