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Alternative Healing Utah

May. 31 2023

Heather Fox, owner and founder of Alternative Healing Utah (AHU), believes that when we “feel good on the inside, we shine on the outside.” Her wellness lounge and boutique, AHU Wellness Lounge, offers light therapy, wellness consultations, F-Scans, and an oxygen bar in Park City, Utah.

How Alternative Healing Utah Champions Women

AHU champions women in the workplace with innovative policies and flexibility. The company has flexible hours, a compressed workweek option, and a lot of flexibility when a parent needs to pick up a child or attend a school event.

Employees can set their own schedules, allowing all employees to gauge their availability depending on their current responsibilities. To help its women employees grow to their full potential, after three months of employment, the company pays for a course certification that not only adds to the employee’s skills but, upon completion, leads to a raise of two dollars per hour.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Alternative Healing Utah

When women thrive, the community thrives, and this business was founded on the idea that taking care of your physical and emotional health is the starting point for women to thrive. Community wellness starts with the individual, and AHU is dedicated to individual and community healing through holistic practices. Wellness is about more than the bottom line or exponential business growth, and while AHU is certainly flourishing, supporting female employees is at the heart of the company. 

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

Utah offers more than just beautiful landscapes and a booming economy. Businesses bloom in Utah partly because of the new ways companies are finding to support women in the workplace. AHU is one shining example of how championing women in the workplace pays, not just because the business has grown but because communities flourish when women are supported in their work and personal lives.

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