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Charmelle Green: A Necessary Voice In College Athletics

Jun. 27 2023

Charmelle Green is the deputy athletics director and chief operating officer at the University of Utah. Her experience at the university began as a student-athlete on the softball team, where she was voted the team captain. When Green started the position, she committed herself to being a strong leader. By the time she left, the team was in the Women’s College World Series. 

After graduation, she pursued professional softball, playing in New Zealand and later for Women’s Professional Fastpitch. Green became inspired to start a coaching career. “When I was thinking about my long-term career, I noticed in college athletics there was no one who looked like me, a black woman who experienced competing at the highest level in college athletics,” she said. “I felt there was a need to have that voice.” 

Green knew her experiences would make her an advocate for student-athletes of color, particularly for women. “I felt a sense of obligation, a desire, to be that voice at the table that was unheard, wasn’t present, and certainly had a significant impact on the lives of those athletes,” she adds. 

She enjoys helping student-athletes work through adversity, celebrating their wins, and having authentic conversations. “I love what I do. A statistic says only 5% of the nation’s population loves what they do. And I hold my hand up high saying, I am a part of that percentage.”

Green considers it the greatest compliment when students come to her and say they are interested in working in sports administration. She is eager to help them achieve this goal and notes we need more women at the top to make decisions, and we need you.

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