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The health and well-being of Utahns have a direct correlation to the strength of Utah’s economy. The good news is that Utah is already recognized as one of the country’s healthiest states, with one of its best economies. Still, we’re in this COVID-19 fight together, and there are things each Utahn can do to help keep Utah healthy.

This $5 million legislative initiative provides grants to businesses to improve workplace safety for workers and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Protective health measures include measures such as PPE purchases, workplace redesigns, signage and technology solutions that allow for distance working.

Grants are capped per business at the lower amount of 1) $100 per full-time equivalent employee, or 2) the actual expenses a company incurs in taking these health and safety measures. At least 75% of grant funds will be awarded to Utah small businesses.

The initiative is funded with $62 million in federal CARES Act monies. In the Utah Legislature’s August special session, the Legislature increased its initial $25 million for Shop In Utah funding to $55 million, and $7 million was transferred from ComRent to Shop In Utah. To qualify for this grant, businesses must offer a discount or other offer with an estimated value to consumers of at least 50% of the grant amount. GOED must award at least 75% of grant funds to Utah small businesses (companies with 250 or fewer full-time employees).

Creative experiences and art-making are essential to our emotional health. They have the power to transform perceptions and connect us as a society. That’s why, in the June 2020 special legislative session, $9 million was devoted to stabilizing Utah’s largest cultural institutions. This grant support allows us to be inspired by new experiences these organizations will offer, and create new memories with those we love.

The $9 million allocated for “Create In Utah” is intended to promote community engagement, travel, and tourism in the state. Grant recipients will be selected based on their proposal to offer a cultural, artistic, botanical, or zoological activity to visitors.

Organizations with budget expenditures over the past three years higher than $5 million annually were invited to apply in early August 2020.


The COVID-19 Commercial Rental Assistance Program was created on April 30, 2020, when Gov. Herbert signed S.B. 3006. Known as ComRent, it provides rental or mortgage relief to Utah small businesses with lost revenue due to measures taken during the pandemic to minimize the public’s exposure to COVID-19.