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Utahns can join ‘In Utah’ by sharing experiences online with family, friends and coworkers to help people understand what it means to enjoy living, working and recreating in the great state of Utah.

Help us show the world why living, working and recreating ‘In Utah’ is unique, rewarding and an experience not to be missed.

In Utah, small businesses are an essential part of our economic lifeline. Utah small businesses comprise 99% of all companies in the state. The number of individuals employed by Utah small businesses is 46% of all workers in the state.

Salt Lake City is one of Zagat’s Up-and-Coming Food Cities Around the U.S., thanks to an emerging farm-to-table culture and a growing base of award-winning local producers.

We’re fortunate, in Utah, to live with rich cultural and geographic diversity. There are incredible places to play in Utah, from southern Utah’s red rock to the pristine lakes and mountain vistas of northern Utah.

The health and well-being of Utahns have a direct correlation to the strength of Utah’s economy. The good news is that Utah is already recognized as one of the country’s healthiest states, with one of its best economies. Still, we’re in this COVID-19 fight together, and there are things each Utahn can do to help keep Utah healthy.