When women thrive, we all thrive.

Together, we can better support women in business.

Inspire InUtah is an initiative to help support women entrepreneurs and women in the workplace at every level.

Big Leap
Big Leap

Workplace flexibility is a priority for Big Leap in supporting women in business. It adopted an atypical work schedule that allows parents to work around their family responsibilities. Eliminating the standard 9-5 work schedule makes it easier for Utah women in...

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Sew Sweet Minky Designs
Sew Sweet Minky Designs

Sew Sweet Minky Designs makes a variety of luxury items using minky materials. The first blankets were handmade by the founder, Nicole Miller, and the company has grown to 75 staff members and over 100 local seamstresses throughout multiple Utah locations. Sew Sweet...

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As a marketplace for artisans, Ethik is committed to providing opportunities and preserving culture for makers around the globe. It is equally committed to supporting women closer to home. The company is a testament to small changes making a big difference. How Ethik...

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Resources for women

Our goal is to provide women with the resources they need to succeed in business. We have gathered key resources for networking, training, funding, and employment.


Resources for businesses

Hear stories of other businesses and find some resources that help better support women in the community and in the workplace.

Podcasts about supporting women

Listen to these companies talk about ways they are trying to attract, retain and advance women internally.

Additional resources

Strategies for male allies

Read about strategies that men are using to advance women.

Childcare solutions for employers

Find ways to better support working mothers in the workplace.

Help narrow the gender pay gap

Learn 10 steps that help businesses address issues that impact pay.