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Feb. 4 2023

Women make up just over 25% of the technology industry, a staggeringly low number considering this demographic makes up close to 52% of the general workforce. Careers in technology can be more flexible, higher paying, and have more work-from-home opportunities–options that benefit women by introducing them to tech-based careers. The Women Tech Council is a group of women and men dedicated to making the tech industry accessible to women of all ages. 

How the Women Tech Council Champions Women

The Women Tech Council developed several programs to help women find their place in the tech industry. From its Shatter List, a list showcasing companies that are helping to break the glass ceiling,  to its SheTech program, an outreach program focused on engaging and inspiring high school girls to pursue careers in tech, it creates multiple ways that encourage women in technology.

Before participating in SheTech, 90% of girls said they did not think STEM was for them, but at the end of the program, 95% said they were interested in pursuing STEM. Additionally, the Women Tech Council created the Women Tech Awards, now in its 15th year, to recognize women who trailblaze new technology paths. Most importantly, the organization practices what it preaches–flexible work, pay equity, leadership opportunities for part-time employees, return-to-work programs, and more.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Women Tech Council

The Women Tech Council focuses on the economic impact of women in technology. Employers who hire women with technology backgrounds realize many benefits, including empowering women to take control of their lives. The tech industry offers variedschedules, flexibility, and personal growth opportunities, to name a few. The organization realizes that companies and communities benefit when women have structure to pursue their goals. 

100 Utah Companies Championing Women 

Highlighting companies that champion women gives a template and encouragement to other companies in Utah that want to havemore women-friendly policies. Inspire Utah highlights companies like Women In Technology to offer insight and inspiration to companies that create cultures that support women. When women thrive, we all thrive.

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