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Jan. 21 2023

The creative agency Struck is accustomed to disrupting industry standards. It’s no surprise the company supports women in business and even less surprising to find its efforts are helping establish a new industry standard among creative firms.

How Struck Champions Women

The company is committed to pay equity and has implemented a consistent and appropriate compensation program to attract, motivate, and retain qualified employees. At the heart of this program is the commitment to pay what a job is worth, regardless of who is doing said job.

Struck also believes in leadership development and work flexibility for its employees. It implemented “Struck Ed,” an education, training, and workshop program that promotes a culture of learning, innovation, and experimentation while helping to fill gaps in skills and competencies. Struck also has a coaching and mentorship program that strengthens employees and provides opportunities for community outreach for other Utah women in business. Lastly, it offers flexible work arrangements that focus on the quality of work rather than the time of day, place, or number of hours clocked.

Supporting Women Is Important to Struck

Struck found that showing support, interest and concern for each employee’s potential increases productivity and loyalty. Its mentorship program, Utah business outreach, pay equity efforts, continuing education, sales training, and parental leave policies are just a few initiatives the company implements. Ultimately, Struck discovered that each contributes to the company’s growth, innovation and bottom line.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

Struck is one of the top companies supporting women in Utah and is leading the charge in its industry. As one of the 100 Companies Championing Women, an Inspire In Utah initiative, Struck is committed to proudly proclaiming that Utah companies support women.

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