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My Tech High

May. 19 2023

My Tech High gives families access to a flexible, student-tailored education program. It celebrates the unique strengths of each young person as it focuses on technology and entrepreneurship. Parents can decide how, what, when, and where they want their students to learn.

How My Tech High Supports Utah Women in Business 

My Tech High’s fully remote environment celebrates a work-from-anywhere culture. This enables women to cultivate family-focused lives that allow them to best support their families while simultaneously growing their own careers. Scheduling meetings around a nap schedule, math lesson, or volunteer opportunity is respected at My Tech High.

The company also invests in leadership diversity as a fast-growing company. When it went through a corporate restructuring in 2022, it focused on sustainable growth while preserving the organization’s family-first culture.

My Tech High supports the transition back to work after maternity leave. Each expectant mother has the ability to tailor a unique transition plan that best meets her needs. Unlimited maternity leave and other practices, including a robust substitute teacher program, allow the company to expand staff coverage to fill gaps as needed. Cross-training between teams enables mothers to truly take time off without worrying about emails or pressure to check in.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to My Tech High

At My Tech High, women can choose how, when, and where they work, and are able to develop as individuals with unique experiences that ultimately help improve the company’s services and products. As educators, it knows that one size does not fit all and makes every effort to champion women in the workplace and meet their needs.

Embracing the uncertainty of life’s events, My Tech High has prepared itself to adapt to each circumstance as needed. The same flexibility that gives parents a personalized education option for their children also provides opportunities for family-friendly employment with customizable hours.

100 Utah Companies That Support Women

Inspire In Utah highlights businesses that champion women in Utah workplaces with real impact. The Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity showcases these businesses to inspire other businesses to pursue and achieve more equality in unique and innovative ways. Empowering women expands possibilities, and My Tech High is an exceptional example for businesses that want to lead economic growth and innovation. 

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