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Merit Medical

Apr. 3 2023

Merit Medical is an innovative manufacturer of disposable medical devices. Because of the company’s focus on innovation, it makes medical treatment in critical or remote places economical and safe. Because life-altering innovation is a core value at Merit Medical, it’s not surprising that it supports women through innovative benefits and leadership programs.

How Merit Medical Champions Women

Flexibility is an important factor in reimagining a typical work week. With flexible working hours, schedules, and part-time roles at all levels with full benefits, Merit Medical prioritizes what matters to working women – flexibility. The company clearly values the family unit, and many of its benefits, such as tax-advantaged savings accounts and a $10,000 stipend for infertility treatments, are related to growing a family.

To help women feel valued and heard, Merit Medical created a women’s leadership program. This program enhances gender equality by offering training and mentorship. These leadership programs bear fruit like Merit Medical’s board of directors, where 30% of its members are women.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Merit Medical

Merit Medical believes in creating long-term value for its customers and employees. For women, this means having benefits that support motherhood and careers while offering training and mentorship. Over the years, the company has improved the lives of families and communities worldwide through its innovative medical technology. It is changing women’s lives at Merit Medical through supportive leadership programs and family-centric benefits. 

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

Reimaging what a typical work week looks like takes innovation and vision. When we launched our 100 Companies Championing Women initiative, we wanted to highlight companies like Merit Medical that are serious about changing how and where women perform best without sacrificing family goals. Inspire In Utah hopes to encourage other companies to make changes that benefit women and their families.

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