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May. 16 2023

IsoTruss is an innovative company at the forefront of researching, developing, and manufacturing building material that is stronger, lighter, more durable, and less expensive than traditional materials like steel. Innovation is crucial to the business’s success, not just regarding its products but also the company culture – specifically regarding building a culture of support for working women.

How IsoTruss Champions Women 

As a growing company, it can be tempting to relegate programs and policies that champion women in the workplace to a future date. IsoTruss highlights the importance of supporting women in the workplace with flexibility with work location, hours, and schedules; mentorship programs with experienced female mentors; and part-time professional roles. One IsoTruss employee has worked with the company to craft her professional role as head of research and development as a part-time position, one where she can work remotely and on her schedule. This flexibility allows her to balance her life outside of work while also encouraging her professional growth in her position.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to IsoTruss

When creating an excellent product, the team at IsoTruss wants the best candidates for each role, period. So building policies, procedures, and a company culture that supports all employees based on individual needs helps keep the best and brightest on the team, regardless of gender. Creating innovative solutions to common problems for working women, like remote work, part-time professional roles, and mentorship programs, helps the IsoTruss team continue developing excellent products.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

Inspire In Utah highlights the best practices implemented by companies in Utah that champion women in the workplace. The company has innovative, inclusive policies of companies that provide a template for other companies in the state to implement. IsoTruss showcases flexible work schedules, mentorships for women, and professional roles for part-time employees to ensure they are getting the most talented employees for their company.

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