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GPS Capital Markets

Mar. 29 2023

GPS Capital Markets is a corporate foreign exchange brokerage firm that champions women in the workplace. Its payment processing solutions provide customers with a full range of options optimized for their unique exposure and needs.

How GPS Capital Markets Champions Women

The company champions women by offering compressed and flexible work schedules and remote options. GPS Capital Markets provides part-time professional roles including higher-level positions. Paid family leave is available and transition-back-to-work support for employees returning from maternity leave. It provides education, information, and idea-sharing to advance women into leadership roles.

The GPS Women In Business Employee Resource Group provides an inclusive and supportive community to discuss and create awareness surrounding challenges women face in the workplace. The group strengthens relationships and supports personal and professional development through mentorship, networking, and philanthropic opportunities.

GPS Capital Markets recruits locally at the University of Utah and BYU for internships. Its recruiting strategies focus on attracting and retaining women employees, and 50% of the department heads are women. Mentorship opportunities also play a vital role in ensuring women succeed and feel supported.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to GPS Capital Markets

GPS Capital Markets is a global company with a diverse workforce to help it innovate and better understand its customers.The company understands this diversity of experiences and viewpoints strengthen its products, services, and the organization as a whole.

100 Utah Companies That Support Women

Inspire In Utah celebrates businesses that support women and remove barriers to help them succeed. We showcase these businesses to inspire other companies to achieve more equality. Empowering women empowers the economy, and GPS Capital Markets is an exceptional example.

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