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Mar. 17 2023

GMRE is a veteran-owned small business that provides engineering and technical services for defense businesses. The company’s technical services include end-to-end program management and avionic support.

How GMRE Champions Women 

GMRE supports women in leadership development, career promotion, and progression. It focuses on elevating women through targeted recruiting strategies and ongoing training. Employees are given a personal development stipend that encourages growth beyond their company roles, and provides each manager with regular leadership training.

The company champions women with an equal-pay-for-all policy. All roles are compensated based on job title, description, and personal experience, regardless of gender. GMRE regularly evaluates pay scales and makes immediate adjustments if needed.

GMRE empowers women to take control of their career success with remote and flexible work options and paid family leave. Women also have access to adoption and/or fertility benefits and returnships for a supportive transition back to work.

 Why Supporting Women Is Important to GMRE 

The company’s vision includes building lasting relationships by fostering integrity, innovation, and work ethic. As a veteran and family-owned company, it understands that life is not linear or predictable. To attract and maintain the best talent, GMRE strives to create a supportive environment that provides flexibility and leadership development.

To build world-class solutions for their customers, the company’s recruiting strategy encourages women to join STEM and other career paths within the organization. GMRE offers remote and hybrid work that allows women flexibility in their careers, attracting top talent.

100 Utah Companies That Support Women

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