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Digital Respons-Ability

Nov. 22 2022

Parents and teachers know unfettered access to the internet through phones, tablets, and computers negatively impacts kids, but they have no idea what to do about it. Using data, science, and cutting-edge research, Carrie Rogers-Whitehead developed a curriculum and training to fill that gap with her company Digital Respons-Ability

The company was founded by Rogers-Whitehead in 2016 when she realized there was a huge information gap between parents and educators regarding digital citizenship.

How Digital Respons-Ability Is Championing Women 

Founded by a working mother, Digital Respons-Ability remains focused on the complex needs of working parents. The company champions working moms with flexible schedules, remote work options, and a culture of support. The leadership team is working moms, so understanding, support, and flexibility are baked into the company from the top down.

Digital Respons-Ability focuses first on recruiting women and then provides and supports professional development for all employees. Several of its employees work part-time and still receive benefits and flexible schedules. These employees’ roles are considered as important as full-time workers. Many part-time workers take on larger projects that allow them to showcase their creativity and develop their skills.

Supporting Women Is Important to Digital Respons-Ability 

Rogers-Whitehead knows firsthand how important it is to support working moms. The company understands the complexity, challenges, and rewards that come with the territory, and it has multiple policies that support women in the workplace, from professional development to flexible hours.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women 

Championing women in the workplace is a crucial part of a functioning and happy community, and nowhere do we see that more clearly than in companies founded by women like Digital Respons-Ability. Inspire In Utah highlights companies that showcase policies, procedures, and cultures that help women succeed at work. We want to provide the strategies of these companies as a template for other companies to use.

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