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Clearfield City

Oct. 27 2022

Clearfield City is raising the bar for other Utah cities when it comes to empowering women in the workplace. With an impressive 173 women employees, 16 serving as supervisors, eight as managers, and five selected to participate in the city’s leadership academy, it is leading the charge.

How Clearfield City Is Championing Women 

And they’re not just talking the talk – Clearfield is the only city in the state to be awarded Utah’s 100 Companies Championing Women award, a testament to their commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive environment for women. As Assistant City Manager Summer Palmer says, “We go above and beyond to foster a place where women can thrive both professionally and personally.”

From flexible work arrangements to a comprehensive pay matrix, Clearfield City sets the standard for work-life balance. They understand that family comes first and offer incredible flexibility with the option to work from home and a sick leave bank for fellow employees who encounter an unexpected illness. The city invests in women’s development with programs like Women In Business, Women In Safety, UWLP, and tuition reimbursement.

Why Supporting Women Is Important To Clearfield City

Clearfield City is reaping the benefits of its dedication to women in the workplace. Palmer notes that elevating women strengthens the company and the entire community. With fair pay, flexible work options, and professional development opportunities, women can pursue their career goals while still having time for their personal lives, education, community involvement, and self-improvement. It’s a brighter future for all in Clearfield City.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

Inspire In Utah helps support women entrepreneurs and women in the workplace because when women thrive, we all thrive. Highlighting companies in Utah that focus on creating fair pay, flexible schedules, professional development, and a culture of support for women provides a template for other companies to follow. Every city in Utah can follow the simple but impactful policies and initiatives implemented by Clearfield City.

Help us highlight more diversity, inclusivity, and equality in the workplace. If you know of a city (or company) that exemplifies empowering women in the workplace, nominate them! And follow In Utah for more stories of people and companies striving to create environments where women can thrive.

Clearfield City – 100 Companies Championing Women Podcast

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