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BookSmart Accounting & Bookkeeping

May. 19 2023

BookSmarts Accounting & Bookkeeping is a national full-service accounting and bookkeeping firm that supports women through several policies and programs. Businesses of every size rely on the firm to help them manage accounting tasks and help train individuals interested in learning accounting and bookkeeping best practices.

How BookSmart Accounting & Bookkeeping Champions Women

The company supports women in Utah with flexible schedules and work locations. Employees have remote work options, and the company provides part-time professional roles to help women balance their professional and personal lives. In addition to providing maternity leave, it implemented a transition-back-to-work program to help women return to work in a realistic and supportive way.

BookSmarts Accounting & Bookkeeping job-sharing policy cross-trains multiple team members on each account. Job sharing works well for employees and the customers they serve. Customers never experience a drop in service, while employees feel stress-free when they need to take time off to care for and be with family members and loved ones.

Its recruiting strategies focus on increasing women employees, and its women-specific leadership development program provides tangible resources for women to network, work with mentors, and develop their strengths. The company empowers women in leadership roles with supportive programs and systems.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to BookSmart Accounting & Bookkeeping

BookSmarts Accounting & Bookkeeping is a family-first company and understands that when its employees feel free to care for their families they are more productive, loyal, and innovative. The company knows n women have many caretaking roles throughout life and is committed to providing flexibility, job-sharing responsibilities, and leadership development for women. It is a 100% remote company and strives to hire and support women in all areas of their lives.

100 Utah Companies That Champion Women

Inspire In Utah celebrates businesses that support women and provide tangible policies and programs to help them succeed in the workplace and their personal lives. We showcase these businesses to inspire others to achieve more equality and provide meaningful resources for all employees to succeed. Empowering women empowers the entire economy, and BookSmarts Accounting & Bookkeeping is an exceptional example.

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