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West Tenth

Apr. 24 2023

West Tenth is a marketplace where micro-business owners broadcast services to community members. From florists to stylists to newborn sleep consultants, these small business owners work out of their homes and get clients by word of mouth. With the online support of West Tenth, these businesses (98% of which are owned by women) can find their next customers with ease.

How West Tenth Champions Women 

The company began because the founders, Lyn Johnson and Sara Sparhawk, discovered some of their favorite businesses are operated from garages, kitchen tables, and spare bedrooms. These businesses were difficult to find online. 

The company also provides The Foundry, a free business school for home-based businesses. Not only does it support small businesses typically run by women, but the company also supports the women they hire with 100% remote work, flexible work hours, and equal pay.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to West Tenth

Seeing the number of women leaving the workforce after having children encouraged West Tenth to offer women the flexibility of running their own businesses without the marketing or the need for a storefront. Supporting womenentrepreneurs and employees helpsthemsucceed in all facets of their lives.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

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