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May. 17 2023

Weave is a Utah company that supports women in the same way it strives to increase productivity and profitability for its clients—by tapping into inherent strengths and creating clear pathways to success in the workplace.

How Weave Champions Women 

Weave is one of many Utah companies that supports women by integrating motherhood into the natural workflow of the office. The company provides three months of maternity leave and six weeks of paternity leave. It also offers a baby bonus for employees who’ve recently added a child to their families. Upon returning from any kind of leave, employees are welcomed with a helpful week of training to soften reentry to the workplace and reintegrate into office responsibilities.

The company also promotes a women-focused employee resource group led by women to help encourage, support, and teach. In this group, women share their experiences and ideas they’d like to implement at Weave. 

The company offers both in-office and at-home work opportunities and additional accommodations needed on an employee-by-employee basis. This results in it being able to play to the strengths of individual women and their circumstances while promoting a positive and productive work environment.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Weave

While Weave uses its software products to enhance the power of its clients’ unique businesses, it empowers its employees with individualized flexibility plans, paid family leave, and a women-focused employee resource group. The company also offers a back-to-work transition program for mothers returning from leave.

These kinds of women-focused strategies in the workplace help ensure the equality necessary to support all employees. Additionally, Weave benefits from women’s leadership development, representation, and increasing diversity in mid-to senior-level management positions. The subsequent quality of leadership that shift has brought to the company has been inspiring and impactful on women and men at every level.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

The Inspire In Utah initiative to find 100 Companies Championing Women in Utah has allowed companies that support women’s empowerment—like Weave—to shine and share its strategies for providing women with better working conditions and opportunities.  

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