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Apr. 6 2023

Wander is a destination mapping platform that allows customers to create, customize, and update maps in real-time. Maps can be embedded on any webpage, are mobile-friendly, and are published on the Wander app. It recently added an analytics feature that enables customers to see real-time usage and engagement metrics for itsdistributed maps. 

How Wander Champions Women

Wander champions women in the workplace with flexible schedules that empower them to achieve a work-life balance. The company offers paid family leave, part-time professional roles (including higher-level positions), and a transition-back-to-work program.

It also offers employees 30 days of paid vacation to help them make more time for family, in addition to its six weeks of paid family leave. Even with a small budget, Wander has prioritized family leave to help employees have adequate time to adjust to the new responsibilities,

The company’s recruiting strategies focus on increasing the number of women employees and board members. Wander also provides mentor and/or sponsorship programs to help women navigate the challenges of networking, promotion, and leadership roles.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Wander 

Wander champions women and invests in their careers and personal lives because the CEO and COO are both mothers. They understand that to empower women in the workplace, theymust provide flexible schedules and locations. The company’s hours are between 8:00 a.m. and noon. These hours allow time to build a strong collaborative team culture andenables employees to complete work assignments outside core hours.

Itswomen-led board continues to recruit and empower more women to itsteam because itunderstands that what’s best for women and their families is also best for the company.

100 Utah Companies That Champion Women

Inspire In Utah celebrates businesses that empower women on their career journeys. We hope to inspire other businesses to achieve more equality when we showcase these businesses. Wander is an exceptional example of a business leading in economic growth and innovation.  

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