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Feb. 10 2023

Utah Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Initiative (UAMMI) employees may be few, but their impact on women in the workplace is making a big impression on many. From its focus on empowering partnerships with the Girl Scouts of Utah to a returnship program for women re-entering the workforce, the organization supports women of all ages.

How UAMMI Champions Women

From its inception, UAMMI supported women in business throughout their careers. The organization’s leadership includes a female executive director and several other high-level roles filled by capable women. But it’s not just women at the top that matter to UAMMI.

A return-to-work program for Utah women is a key way UAMMI is championing women in business. Hiring and mentoring women who have taken a break from the workforce is integral to the organization.

“I took time off from work to be a stay-at-home mom,” said Catherine Blomquist, member services manager. “When my daughter graduated high school, I found myself looking to re-enter the workforce. So much has changed in 15 years, and I am grateful for UAMMI’s time and patience as I caught up. I have since been promoted.”

UAMMI partners with other Utah-based businesses to encourage confidence and understanding of women’splace in the workforce. The organization teamed up with the Girl Scouts of Utah and America Makes to help girls develop the skills they need to succeed in the manufacturing business.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to UAMMI 

UAMMI’s mission is to ensure that Utah is a global leader in the field of manufacturing by engaging a skilled and trained workforce. Pushing for inclusion, diversity, equality, and flexibility for the women on its team allows itto accomplish it=smission and pave the way for personal and professional advancement.

UAMMI helps advance a statewide effort to equalize career opportunities and professional development by supporting companies in Utah that support women.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

Inspire In Utah is working to highlight 100 Companies Championing Women in Utah because empowering women lays the foundation for advancement across all sexes, industries, and societies. We create a better workplace when we work to support women with returnships, diversity programs, flexible hours, and work locales like UAMMI.

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