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Apr. 6 2023

Thread is a wallet, bag, and accessory company that creates colorful, minimalistic, and functional products. Whether in your bag or pocket, the company’s products are a stylish way to carry necessary out-and-about items. The company supports women by championing freedom and autonomy in the workplace.

How Thread Champions Women

When it comes to freedom and autonomy in the workplace, Thread sets the standard. Because freedom and autonomy are two of its core values, the company supports remote work and location flexibility. Remote doesn’t just mean at the home office; employees can work from their car, on a trip, or even on the ski slopes. For many, this approach to work is refreshing. For women, this allows them to thrive as they juggle the demands of family and career. 

Along with great benefits such as paid maternity, equity pay, and internal mentoring by founders, Thread encourages unlimited paid time off. In addition to this level of autonomy, its co-founder started a quarterly networking group, free of charge, for businesswomen in Utah, giving them a voice and forum to network.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Thread

Thread’s founders value the quality of work for their employees over the location of the work. They believe when women employees are provided with networking opportunities and able to schedule work around their daily obligations, work becomes a productive endeavor.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

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