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The Women’s Leadership Institute of Utah

Jan. 31 2023

Formed in 2015, The Women’s Leadership Institute of Utah (WLI) supports women in business. It shines a light on the lack of women in leadership roles in corporate and political settings. Supporting women is in the organization’s DNA through career and leadership development. It is continually recognized for empowering women.

The Institute Champions Women

WLI champions women in business through several educational seminars and the ElevateHer™ Challenge. It is committed to political encouragement and the career development of women.

The ElevateHER™ Challenge initiates company improvement by ensuring women are encouraged to apply for senior leadership positions. It also increases the understanding of the organization’s value on women leaders and its direct correlation to the organization’s success. WLI accomplishes this by increasing women’s retention, offering political encouragement, encouraging women to serve on corporate and community boards, and other actions.

Additionally, it empowers women in the workforce with a career and political development series and a rising leader series to help women build stronger leadership pipelines and confidently step up as leaders.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to the Institute 

WLI worked with numerous companies committed to elevating and empowering women within their organizations. The result of this work is invaluable and encourages hard conversations that positively impact the company’s culture, help develop programs within corporations that directly build leadership skills in women, and offer inclusive solutions. 

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

Inspire InUtah is proud to list WLI as one of the 100 Utah Companies that support women because of its commitment to offering family-friendly policies and practices and women-specific initiatives. These initiatives drive corporate and political leadership in women and positively impact retaining, advancing, and recruiting female employees.

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