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The Larry H. Miller Company

May. 10 2023

You may hear “Larry H. Miller (LHM)” and think “car dealership.” While the company started as a single car lot in 1979, the business now owns multiple businesses across several industries. Because the company was founded by Larry H. Miller and his wife Gail Miller, championing women in the workplace has been a pillar in the organization from the beginning.

How the Larry H. Miller Company Champions Women

Gail Miller has implemented policies, procedures, and a workplace culture that foster growth and support women in the workplace.

Having women in leadership positions is a priority for the LHM company. It has four women on its board and three executive team members. The company partners with the Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI) and sponsors 15 women across its portfolio to participate yearly in the WLI Career Development Series and Rising Leader Series. 

The Larry H. Miller Company participates in the ElevateHER Corporate Challenge and continually demonstrates its pledge to champion women. As part of the company’s initiatives, Larry H. Miller Charities is an employee-funded charity (with nine women on its board) that specifically helps women and children in the community. 

Women in the workplace need the support of their employers. Because of this, other policies the company has implemented include adoption/infertility benefits, childcare support, paid family leave, “returnships” to re-integrate into the workforce, tuition reimbursement, and a flexible work schedule.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to the Larry H. Miller Company

In 1979, when Larry and Gail Miller purchased their first business, they founded more than a business. They built a business based on the idea that getting the right person for every job, regardless of gender, is crucial for business success and growth. They understood from the beginning that when women succeed, communities flourish.

One of the company’s founding values is stewardship. It believes employees have a sense of responsibility and purpose in caring for the community. This foundation of supporting women in the workplace and community has led to the company’s many successes, including its charitable work and positive influence on Utah.

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