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St. George City

Mar. 6 2023

When the Utah Women & Leadership Project study revealed the number of women leaders in St. George City was a mere 13%, local officials and employees decided to take action. Since then, city leaders, employees, and citizens have looked for ways to make championing women a priority. As a result, several initiatives have been put forth, demonstrating that the city supports women and strives for equity for working Utah women.

How St. George City Champions Women

St. George City supports women through its generous family medical leave policy and its City Women program. This grassroots initiative was started by city employees and has garnered the full support of local leaders. The program’s goal is to strengthen the city organization and bring the demographics of St. George City officials and employees in line to better reflect the community’s population. Its members work with community leaders and organizations to support women’s empowerment and leadership development. 

The city also participates in the ElevateHER Corporate Challenge. It pledged its commitment to several issues, including increasing leadership roles for Utah women, increasing the retention rate of women at all levels, monitoring pay by gender and closing any gaps, and more.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to St. George City

St. George City sets an example by encouraging other Utah companies and municipalities to support women. It believes businesses and communities are more successful when members work together in leadership roles. As a result, they’ve made leadership development for Utah women a priority.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

St. George City supports women in business to create an inclusive culture that values diverse thoughts. Its City Women program and other efforts deserve recognition as one of the Inspire In Utah 100 Companies Championing Women.

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