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Spectrum Recruiting

Mar. 14 2023

It is proven that diversity in the workplace can lead to more innovation, creativity, and revenue. However, fewer than 20% of engineering jobs in the United States are held by women. That’s why, as a strategic recruiting partner with a focus on manufacturing and engineering, Spectrum Recruiting Solutions supports women by helping them find careers. 

How Spectrum Recruiting Solutions Champions Women

The company is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the manufacturing and engineering industries. Spectrum Recruiting Solutions was founded to shake up traditionally homogeneous work environments in these industries. In 2022, the company’s diversity fill rate was 42% – nearly double the industry average.

Spectrum Recruiting Solutions searches extensively for qualified candidates to fill positions in the engineering and manufacturing industries. It is laser-focused on empowering and championing women, including mentorship and professional development programs for women. The company aims to include women at the table where important decisions are made.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Spectrum Recruiting Solutions

Spectrum Recruiting Solutions believes placing women in manufacturing and engineering jobs does not just benefit Utah women in business but elevates the entire industry. It practices what it preaches, as most of its employees are women. The company builds up its employees and provides them opportunities to develop as individuals, employees, and women in the industry. Spectrum Recruiting Solutions also helps other companies do the same. It believes as they lead in supporting women, other organizations will be more receptive to diversifying workforces.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

Spectrum Recruiting Solutions supports women by opening industry doors. We’re proud to have the company join the ranks of the Inspire In Utah initiative 100 Companies Championing Women. As part of this program, Spectrum Recruiting Solutions joins other businesses in supporting women and promoting diversity.

To find out what other local companies are doing to support women in business, follow In Utah on Instagram and LinkedIn. If you know a business championing women in Utah, complete an application here to nominate it for this Inspire In Utah initiative.

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