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Shipley Associates

May. 22 2023

While winning business for their clients is Shipley Associates’ mission, it supports women in business with as much enthusiasm and dedication. By providing remote work opportunities and part-time professional roles for women, the company is a proven leader in championing Utah women in business.

How Shipley Associates Champions Women 

As women across Utah strive to find balance in raising children, giving back to their communities, and providing income for their families, Shipley Associates helps tip the scales to support women in business. By offering flexibility in workday hours, its employees can juggle childcare, school, and work schedules. 

“We have mothers of young children who can pick up kids from their engagements and continue their working hours at home later in the day,” says Gwyn Allred, marketing specialist and training coordinator at Shipley Associates. “The company adopted a hybrid office model that allows many employees to work from home most of the week.”

These kinds of remote work options open a gateway for women reentering the workforce and provide a supportive pathway to leadership for women at all levels. From team directors to multiple senior vice presidents and even the company’s chief financial officer, leadership opportunities for women abound at Shipley Associates.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Shipley Associates

The unique and dynamic ideas that women bring and the unparalleled work they do for the company have proven to be an important part of its success.

It utilizes unique experiences and strengths to achieve better business development, increased strategic growth, and enhanced results-focused performance with a highly valued and respected team. More opportunities for women to succeed improves the overall success in every part of society.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women 

Inspire In Utah has worked to find 100 Companies Championing Women in Utah to prove the importance of women’s role in business. Shipley Associates is an exceptional example with its ample work-time flexibility and a clear pathway to leadership roles for women. It utilizes the power women bring to the workplace.

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