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RUMOR Advertising

May. 12 2023

RUMOR Advertising is one of Utah’s premier full-service advertising agencies with over 25 years of experience in branding, advertising, and web development. The company works with clients in various industries, including healthcare, legal, government, travel, hospitality, genealogy, software, education, retail, and more. Its portfolio includes many recognizable brands and innovators. 

How RUMOR Advertising Champions Women 

The company champions women in Utah with flexible work schedules and locations to empower all employees to thrive personally and professionally. Remote work options and paid family leave allow women to prioritize the needs of their families as they continue to grow in their professional roles. All employees have the opportunity to create schedules that ensure they can dedicate appropriate time to all areas of their lives.

RUMOR Advertising understands supporting women with full-paid family leave allows employees to spend as much time as possible with their family. It provides 12 weeks of paid maternal leave with the option to take four more weeks unpaid. The company also offers paternal leave to support families. When women are ready to return to work, there is also a transition back-to-work program.  

Committing to increasing diversity in mid and senior leadership roles, the company created a mentorship and professional development program for its women employees. Women can work with senior-level mentors who offer guidance and perspective and educate junior team members. Through this mentoring program, opportunities for management positions are provided. 

RUMOR helps women team members further their careers and education by budgeting for and funding membership in professional networks, trade groups, and resource groups. These opportunities allow women to create support systems, networks, and friendships that help them advance professionally. 

Why Supporting Women Is Important to RUMOR Advertising

RUMOR Advertising is a family-centric company that prioritizes employee well-being. The company is committed to ensuring each team member has the support and stability they need to have peace of mind throughout life’s phases, challenges, and celebrations. The company invests in employee satisfaction to create an environment where employees and clients can have the best possible experience. 

100 Utah Companies That Champions Women

Inspire In Utah celebrates businesses that champion women and create programs that help them succeed in their workplace and personal lives. We showcase these businesses to inspire other companies to strive for more equity for women in business. Empowering women empowers the entire economy, and RUMOR Advertising is an exceptional example. If you’d like to learn about other companies that support women in Utah, follow along on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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