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Rocky Mountain Power

May. 17 2023

If you live in Utah, southeastern Idaho, or Wyoming, you’ve likely heard of Rocky Mountain Power. You might even be one of its 1.2 million customers. While the company’s “big picture” is to monitor the weather, environment, and resources, the priority is still about individuals. That’s why Rocky Mountain Power supports women in its company and communities. 

How Rocky Mountain Power Champions Women

Rocky Mountain Power’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) for women works to ensure positions and career paths support women company-wide. The women’s ERG aims to provide mentorship programs, improve employee engagement and retention, provide opportunities for community service, and report to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion director regarding workplace issues affecting women. This process helped highlight areas for improvement and provided opportunities to support women in the community through efforts such as a clothing/hygiene product drive for a local women’s shelter.

In addition to this group, the company supports women through listening and engagement sessions. These sessions build community while seeking feedback on diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies. The Rocky Mountain Power president/CEO has also attended to better understand the needs of women employees.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Rocky Mountain Power

As a company that serves such a diverse population, Rocky Mountain Power values supporting Utah women in business beginning with its own company. With a mission to be the best energy company in serving customers while delivering sustainable energy solutions, the company seeks to be aware of the needs of its employees and conducts a biannual diversity, engagement, and inclusion survey. The company also conducts yearly training on unconscious bias, identifying and interrupting microaggressions, and inclusive language. Other efforts include establishing a special committee to review flame-resistant clothing choices for women, partnering with union and community organizations for recruiting focused on Utah women, and overall practices that champion women.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

As part of the Inspire InUtah initiative, the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity recognizes 100 companies championing women. Companies that support women’s empowerment, like Rocky Mountain Power, are crucial to help Utah thrive. Follow along on Instagram, LinkedIn, or online as we highlight more companies that support women in Utah.

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