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Mar. 1 2023

RevRoad likes to think big. The company offers various venture services to help companies grow, such as increasing pipeline sales, hiring new talent, building operations, or expanding to new locations. RevRoad has the expertise, skills, and guidance to make it happen. It supports women through company mentorship and programs that level the playing field for working women.

How RevRoad Champions Women

RevRoad is passionate about helping its portfolio of companies grow, and they are also passionate about helping women within the company advance their careers. The company offers paid family leave for Utah working women and flexible return-to-work options, like six weeks of paid leave at 100% salary with an additional six weeks of partial pay. These benefits help women stay current in their careers while raising a family.

It takes an active role in promoting women’s mentorship and scholarship programs for Utah working women. Top leadership at RevRoad actively mentors employees through women-specific programs like WELift. Nearly 40% of its portfolio companies are women-led businesses. Because RevRoad actively seeks out women to fill key organizational roles, 11 of its board members are women. This commitment to diversity in leadership roles and opportunities goes beyond internal staffing. The company connects its portfolio companies with like-minded investors, board members, and mentors. 

 Why Supporting Women Is Important to RevRoad

Rachelle Morris, a co-founder of RevRoad Capital, is a fierce advocate for women in leadership. She has dedicated her career to helping advance women to senior leadership positions. Her dedication shows as RevRoad champions women through its internal development opportunities and local programs.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

Like RevRoad, Inspire In Utah is dedicated to showcasing companies that support women in business. By launching our 100 Companies Championing Women initiative, we hope to inspire other companies to promote diversity and inclusion in the business world. Follow In Utah’s Instagram and LinkedIn profiles to learn more.

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