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Reset Your Nest

Apr. 6 2023

Reset Your Nest is a home organization and relocation service company based in Utah. It helps customers organize kitchens, closets, pantries, office spaces, garages, and storerooms. The company helps customers relocate with packing and organizing services. It also offers e-courses to teach people how to best organize their homes.  

How Reset Your Nest Champions Women

Reset Your Nest supports women with flexible schedules. Its staff is 50% larger than needed allowing team members to select the days they are available to work. The company empowers women to prioritize their family life and understands that many women prefer to complete their workday at 3 p.m. so they are available for their families.

It also has part-time professional roles (including higher-level positions) and empowers employees to develop their professional roles without sacrificing personal responsibilities. Reset Your Nest’s board of directors includes its two women founders. Its advisory board consists of the two founders plus seven senior executives from high-profile companies. 

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Reset Your Nest 

As a company comprised of 100% women, Reset Your Nest understands that women are more motivated, productive, and innovative when they have autonomy over their schedules. It wants women to succeed in domestic and workplace environments. 

100 Utah Companies That Support Women

Inspire In Utah celebrates businesses that empower women to thrive in the workplace and their personal lives. By showcasing these businesses, the hope is to inspire other businesses to achieve more equality. Reset Your Nest is an exceptional example for businesses that want to lead economic growth and innovation. 

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