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Mar. 14 2023

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Recursion is a clinical biotechnology company working to solve some of the most significant problems facing human health today. It’s building the world’s largest proprietary biological and chemical data atlas and industrializing drug discovery and development. Additionally, the company is committed to prioritizing career development, belonging, and collaboration among all its employees–especially women.

How Recursion Pharmaceuticals Champions Women

Recursion supports women by offering an array of benefits that support all employees. In July 2021, it opened an on-site childcare center to help ease the burden of finding and managing childcare. This initiative gives parents easy access to dependable childcare, allowing parents to visit their children throughout the day. The company is better equipped to attract and retain a diverse workforce by offering childcare.

Recursion also champions women in business through equitable pay efforts, generous paid family leave benefits, lunch and snacks, and an inclusion council. These programs are available to all employees, particularly empowering women in the workplace.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Recursion Pharmaceuticals

The Recursion team is committed to living its values, meaning it cares for patients, their families, communities, and the loved ones it serves. The company extends these values to include caring for the entire team. By doing this, the company discovered its efforts led to a happier and more fulfilled workforce.

The Recursion Inclusion Council is a good example of fostering an inclusive workplace. The council regularly brings employees together to learn, celebrate, and act. Its goal is to enable innovation by creating a space where people can think, grow, and share ideas without fear of judgment. 

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

Recursion Pharmaceuticals is an intensely value-driven company that supports women in Utah. As one of the 100 Companies Championing Women, an Inspire In Utah initiative, Recursion is committed to family-friendly policies and career development practices for all employees.

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