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May. 16 2023

As a tech-driven company, it is no surprise that Overstock excels at creating online spaces connecting people with quality products and services. The company is passionate about providing high-quality products and services and is dedicated to supporting women within the company in new and unexpected ways.

How Overstock Champions Women

Overstock values women employees by offering multiple layers of support and opportunities for career development. By rolling out initiatives like enterprise-wide Employee Resource Groups and training opportunities like their Women In Tech series, it enables women to engage and connect with leadership and mentoring at all levels. Also impressive is its commitment to training. With programs like Tech Moms, mothers at Overstock receive tech-specific training that enhances their careers. At the same time, enterprise-wide speakers educate women on developing their careers within the company.

Because working parents face unique obstacles in the workplace, Overstock created policies like compressed workweeks, on-site childcare, and caregiver travel benefits that make supporting a family and a career easier. Its Future of Remote Work and Re-entry Design (FORWARD) epitomizes work flexibility, allowing for a harmonious blend of remote and on-site work options for Utah women. With part-time professional roles and diversity in senior leadership roles, Overstock is a company to watch when it comes to championing women in the workplace.

 Why Supporting Women Is Important to Overstock

Advancing women is a priority at Overstock, and with an executive board that’s 40% women, it’s clear it practices what it preaches. Because the company believes gender diversity fosters a unique skill set, its employees are a cut above the rest regarding skill sets, strengths, and experience. The company values a diverse workplace ecosystem and strives to provide a work-life culture that supports multiple life roles without sacrificing career advancement.

 100 Utah Companies Championing Women

At Inspire In Utah, we recently launched an exciting initiative highlighting 100 Companies Championing Women in Utah. Through this initiative, In Utah hopes to inspire other companies to make work/life flexibility, leadership training, and diversity among senior roles a priority and an all-around good business practice. Learn more about the companies Inspire In Utah selects as empowerment pioneers in the workplace by following their Instagram and LinkedIn profiles.

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