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Moxie Law

Feb. 9 2023

Women at Moxie Law are the new superheroes. The female team of personal injury attorneys is dedicated to accepting clients when it knows it can get them the compensation they deserve. With this in mind, the team is passionate about doing what is best for its clients, not necessarily the bottom line.

Moxie Law protects individuals that have been injured, and its female employees work to prevent others from being injured with blogs, resources, and downloadable content specifically designed to help others learn the best ways to prevent injury.

How Moxie Law Champions Women

The team at Moxie Law empowers women in the workplace by promoting pay equity and female leadership roles. It offers remote work options and flexible schedules designed to support women in leadership roles and ensure pay equity throughout the firm. These benefits empower women in the workforce with much-needed support and flexibility, allowing them to create a work-life balance that promotes success and happiness.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Moxie Law

Its team fights for equality for its clients, and believes it is its responsibility to keep communities strong, safe, and secure. It does  this by championing women and promoting gender equity in the workplace and the community. By righting the wrong, Moxie Law helps individuals heal and find their way through strength and equality.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

Moxie Law is proud to be one of the 100 Utah Companies named by Inspire InUtah. The company empowers women, offers female leadership roles, pay equity, and women-specific initiatives. It also positively impacts retaining, promoting, and recruiting female employees. This work-life balance helps women be more successful in their careers and provides satisfaction through the power of equality.

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