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Megastar HR

May. 16 2023

Necessary but time-consuming HR operations can overwhelm a small company. By allowing companies to outsource HR responsibilities, Megastar HR enables them to focus on what they’re truly passionate about – their business vision. The company also supports its employees by implementing policies that support women’s multiple roles women play at home and work.

How Megastar HR Champions Women 

In addition to remote working opportunities and flexibility for Utah women, Megastar HR incorporates an “all hands on deck” approach regarding maternity leave for Utah women. With everyone pitching in during maternity leave, the company clients are well supported during a team member’s absence. A slow return to work allows new mothers to continue supporting their team and clients without sacrificing their families. Megastar HR also offers part-time professional roles for Utah women, including those hard-to-get higher-level positions.

With paid family leave benefits and back-to-work support for Utah women, its employees never have to worry about how they will balance work and home life. The company believes you don’t have to sacrifice happiness to achieve high performance. In fact, it’s the opposite – happier employees are more motivated to work hard when they feel valued.

Why Supporting Women Is Important To Megastar HR

Founder and CEO, Beca Mark, created Megastar HR so she could amplify her impact by supporting multiple missions. By supporting women in business, the company successfully created a partnership between small businesses and the communities they support. 

100 Utah Companies Championing Women 

At Inspire In Utah, supporting women in business leads to a stronger community and inclusive business practices. When we launched our 100 Companies Championing Women initiative, we were overwhelmed by the amazing responses we received. Through this initiative, we strive to highlight companies like Megastar HR that are already making a bold step towards reshaping the business world.

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