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Maven District

May. 31 2023

Maven District is not a typical real estate development company. The Salt Lake City-based organization focuses on local companies, emphasizing Utah women-owned businesses. While it outwardly seeks to empower the local business community, inwardly, it supports women through mentorships, recruiting strategies, and travel benefits.

How Maven District Champions Women

One of the most interesting ways Maven District supports women is with its unique mentorships for Utah women. Maven District is composed entirely of women, including the executive team, management, and support staff. Additionally, 75% of its tenants are leadership companies founded and run by women. The company implemented internal and external mentoring programs to support these women. Internally, it encourages staff members to mentor and be mentored.

Maven District supports monthly one-on-one lunches out of the office between employees and their executive team leader. Externally, Maven District allows tenants to subsidize their rent for an entire quarter by partnering with another tenant in a mentor/mentee relationship. As these two businesses work together, they can solve problems, exchange ideas, broaden their networks, and support each other.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Maven District

Because it is a company founded to effect change in Salt Lake City for women-owned businesses, Maven District believes that as Utah companies support women, the community continues to grow and strengthen. In addition to its mentorship programs, Maven District offers a flexible schedule for working women, cost-saving travel benefits, and opportunities for growth and advancement.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

Maven District exemplifies what exceptional leadership for Utah businesswomen should be. It supports women in its own organization while also boosting other companies that also support women in Utah. Those efforts led to its recognition as one of the Inspire In Utah 100 Companies Championing Women.

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