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Lending Club

Feb. 21 2023

Lending Club has helped Americans reach financial goals since 2007. With over four million members, it has helped its members achieve their financial goals by giving them access to many financial products and services that help individuals earn more when saving and pay less when borrowing.

How Lending Club Champions Women

Lending Club works diligently to ensure the executive team and board of directors are diverse in all areas, including industry backgrounds, gender, and ethnicity. Women serve on its board of directors and executive team. Additionally, its Internal Women’s Network focuses on mentoring and career development programs that provide employees with the tools and support they need to advance their careers. Statistics show that this increases the retention and promotion of employees. 

Its LevelUp program works towards diversity in the workplace and sets women up for success, promotions, and pay equity. To maintain diversity, Lending Club provides training and resources to interviewers and hiring managers to provide a consistent interview experience. It also strives for a 50% diverse group of candidates.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Lending Club

Lending Club is committed to doing what is right. By leading a new industry, it is committed to giving better opportunities to its customers by developing ethical and responsible ways to increase value. With that as a core value, supporting women and their role in the workplace is another way to improve opportunities in the community.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

As one of the 100 Utah Companies named by Inspire In Utah, Lending Club is proud to be part of this list of communities supporting women throughout their careers. It works hard to empower women in the workplace by ensuring pay equity, and its programs are designed to increase retention and further careers.

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