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May. 22 2023

LedgerGurus specializes in helping customers with their e-commerce accounting needs. Brittany Brown founded the company in 2014 because she was a mother looking for a job that would give her flexibility in family life. It continues its commitment to maintaining workplace flexibility which has sometimes proved challenging, but it stayed the course and found significant benefits. 

How LedgerGurus Champions Women

Since its inception, LedgerGurus has maintained a 100% remote workforce. This flexibility provides opportunities for remote work for Utah women and allows it to recruit and support women in business across the United States. To date, 85% of the company is staffed by women.

The company also provides part-time professional roles in Utah. Its senior leadership team has five members, four of which are women, with two of those women working part-time. Providing a part-time option for all positions, including at the senior level, creates leadership paths that might not otherwise be available to women with families.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to LedgerGurus

Its history of supporting women dates back to the company’s foundation, which aimed to provide a flexible work environment for skilled employees. Brown wanted that for herself as she raised her four children and for other women.

The company also offers a transition back to work after maternity/paternity leave and is committed to pay equity for women. LedgerGurus compensation is based on performance rather than gender or other biases.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

LedgerGurus has continued to maintain flexibility which hasn’t always been easy, but is committed to supporting Utah women in business. This dedication is one of the reasons it is recognized as one of the companies that support women through the Inspire In Utah 100 Companies Championing Women program.

Other companies, like LedgerGurus, are also recognized for championing women in the workforce. Follow In Utah on Instagram and LinkedIn to see how other Utah companies support women.

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