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Known Medicine

May. 19 2023

Known Medicine developed a platform, ODIN, that determines how cancer patients will respond to drug treatments. It can ascertain which patient populations will respond best to new drugs using functional outcomes of patient tissue in combination with genomic, proteomic, and immune profiling data. The company uses 3D cell culture and machine learning to understand patients’ responses to sophisticated experiments.

How Known Medicine Champions Women

Known Medicine supports women in Utah by providing employees with flexible schedules, competitive recruiting strategies, and paid parental leave. As a patient-centric company that aims to improve and extend lives with more efficient drug trials, it believes life’s most meaningful and challenging events should be celebrated and prioritized.

The company’s parental leave benefits are part of an effort to encourage and enable employees to care for and bond with a newborn, newly adopted, or recently placed child. Women can receive six weeks’ full compensation and return to work in a welcoming environment committed to their growth and well-being.

Known Medicine believes that to remain competitive, it must create a workplace environment that attracts, retains, and rewards talent. With women at all levels of leadership, including C-level and senior scientist positions, it provides women with constant mentoring that encourages personal growth through cross-training, stretch assignments, and direct collaboration.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Known Medicine 

As a company that believes flexibility encourages creativity, it understands that women’s needs often change and encourages team members to pivot when necessary with an adaptable mindset. It does not equate personal success with project success. Known Medicine is committed to scientific integrity and rigorous research without rigidity.

Not only was the company founded by two women, but its senior scientists are also both women, and its full-time staff comprises 75% women. Championing women in business is important to Known Medicine and essential for its continued success.

The company values authenticity, allowing women to work from their integrity while having fun and creating an enjoyable workplace. When people feel safe, they can be curious and approach challenges and problems with innovative and audacious solutions. Known Medicine supports women in business because it believe in respect, inclusion, and empowering every individual. 

 100 Companies Championing Women in Utah

Inspire In Utah champions women entrepreneurs and the companies that support them with policies and programs that increase equality and improve communities. When Inspire In Utah showcases these companies, we provide real solutions for other businesses to invest in and empower women. Known Medicine is an extraordinary example of how to support women in business and science.

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