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May. 19 2023

With over 167 million users across 250 platforms, iHeartMedia channels favorite radio stations, podcasts, and music straight to a connected device. A variety of favorite media can be streamed in one central location from anywhere in America – and it’s absolutely free. Apart from offering a great streaming service, iHeartMedia is supporting women by reimagining how work should look and feel.

How iHeartMedia Champions Women

Sharing media is at the heart of everything iHeartMedia does. This sharing philosophy is not just for music; iHeartMedia also supports sharing the workload between team members. Allowing employees to share work and divide working hours between partners gives women the freedom to build a schedule that works for them personally and professionally.

iHeartMedia promotes individuals with the best skills, and six out of its nine local leadership roles are held by women. By redefining workspaces, iHeartMedia believes that employees can determine what working environment is best for them, whether a home office, desk at work, or running a radio show from their kitchen as they help kids prepare for school. 

iHeartMedia trusts its employees to craft their best life and gives them the freedom to do so. This creates a loyal employee base with various opportunities for growth. Since all positions are paid for by a “class” status, all positions have a structured pay range connected directly to the work they perform, regardless of gender.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to iHeartMedia

iHeartMedia believes that supporting women in leadership promotes inclusivity, caring, and conscientiousness. When women employees feel valued and appreciated, it is reflected in their loyalty and dedication to the company and their positions.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

Inspire In Utah showcases how the 100 Companies Championing Women are celebrating and championing women in the workplace. Companies such as iHeartMedia are reimagining where and how employees do their best work and inspiring others to make needed changes.

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