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Hickman Land Title

May. 30 2023

Hickman Land Title Company helps clients with purchasing homes, refinancing, commercial properties, investment properties, and other real estate and loan services. The company works with first-time home buyers as well as clients with diverse and experienced real estate portfolios. It’s been in business since 1904 and was instrumental in organizing the Utah Land Title Association.

How Hickman Land Title Champions Women

Hickman Land Title Company provides flexible hours for working women and gives them the option to work from various locations throughout northern Utah. It also provides remote or hybrid work options and is willing to work with individual employees to ensure they are able to take care of personal and family obligations while maintaining their work.

The company offers unpaid family leave and provides time off for employees in circumstances of childbirth, health concerns and surgery, or end-of-life care for a loved one. Whenever these situations arise, the company meets together to discuss how to best delegate the employee’s tasks to reduce stress for the individual as well as for the entire team.

Hickman Land Title not only covers employees’ individual health plans, but also contributes an additional $125 to HSA accounts every month. Beyond health benefits, the company also strives for pay equity and leadership diversity as it continues to increase the presence of women on its board.

Making sure that its employees have the opportunity to participate in the community and support their families is important to the team at Hickman Land Title. Several employees are also members of the coaching staff for local high school teams and are able to alter their schedules during their seasons. Team members are also able to shift their schedules to accommodate busy school mornings or afternoons.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Hickman Land Title

Hickman Land Title is a family-centered company and understands that employees who have flexibility and autonomy over their schedules are more motivated to contribute their best professionally as well as in their personal lives. With over a hundred years in business in Utah, championing women is at the forefront of its mission and values. 

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

The Inspire InUtah initiative recognizes 100 companies championing women in Utah. Empowering women empowers entire communities and economies, and Hickman Land Title is a great example. Follow along on Instagram, LinkedIn, or on the website to learn more about companies that support women in Utah.

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