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Health Catalyst

May. 30 2023

Health Catalyst helps health organizations transform data into measurable data, automates patient engagement, and delivers return on investment for patients and customers. With automated, multi-channel communication between care teams and patients, it helps drive better outcomes and reduce costs while providing an exceptional patient experience.

How Health Catalyst Supports Utah Women In Business 

In addition to flexible work and great benefits, Health Catalyst created its Women In Engineering Scholarship in 2018 to provide tuition and housing for young women in DevMountain’s immersive QA or Web Development program. The scholarship has been awarded to four women students, three now employed at the company. In the same year, Health Catalyst launched its Women Empowered Affinity Group, which advocates for the growth and advancement of women with resources, support, and success stories.

Its Parity Pledge ensures at least one qualified woman is interviewed for every open role, vice president and higher. Since committing to it, the company has improved gender diversity at the leadership level, achieved high woman team member engagement, and attained greater gender pay parity. The company’s Diversity Inclusion Council also encourages team members to benefit from one another’s diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Health Catalyst implemented Bloom Health to support the health and well-being of female employees. The company provides comprehensive care for often-dismissed health issues, with specialists in pelvic health and physical therapy. It supports female team members through every season of life –  pregnancy, post-partum, and menopause.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Health Catalyst

The company aims to catalyze massive, measurable, data-informed healthcare improvement. To achieve such heights, it recognizes that championing women and diversifying its team is essential for success. Health Catalyst’s vision to enable providers to optimize each patient’s health aligns with its internal policies to optimize the health of its employees through every stage and circumstance.

Health Catalyst values quality, safety, and engagement for its customers and patients, and women on its team who create expert services that curate healthcare data and build actionable analytics.

100 Utah Companies That Support Women 

Inspire In Utah celebrates women in business and the companies that support them on their career journeys. We hope to inspire other businesses to achieve more equality by showcasing these businesses. Empowering women empowers everyone, and Health Catalyst is an exceptional example for businesses that want to lead economic growth and innovation. 

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