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May. 25 2023

As a marketplace for artisans, Ethik is committed to providing opportunities and preserving culture for makers around the globe. It is equally committed to supporting women closer to home. The company is a testament to small changes making a big difference.

How Ethik Champions Women

Ethik is a woman-owned business, and most of the executive team is comprised of women. As Utah women in business, the founders structured the company to be mindful of women’s needs. The company offers flexible work schedules including the ability to work remotely. Ethik makes a concerted effort to recruit women returning to the workforce for its office management and has found some of its finest employees by following this recruiting strategy. 

The company offers women-led investment options that Utah corporate employees can utilize. When an employee begins their career with Ethik, an Ellevest investment account is opened and seeded on their behalf. Ellevest specifically invests in indexes that exclude companies without diverse boards and with at least one woman represented. This practice helps the women of Ethik prepare and plan for the future.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Ethik

The company was founded to give a voice to the underrepresented. Just as they provide a space for global artisans to receive a fair wage and have a marketplace for their creations, it provides a space for its corporate employees to be treated fairly with opportunities that might not otherwise be attainable. Ethik conducts a bimonthly leadership meeting with guest speakers to show employees various pathways to success.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

Ethik is recognized for its efforts supporting Utah women in business. It has received the designation as one of the Inspire In Utah 100 Companies Championing Women. Ethik is a great example of providing flexibility, investment opportunities, and remote work for Utah women and beyond.

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