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May. 30 2023

Traditionally the world of tech companies has been male-dominated. That trend is starting to change, and the Utah-based tech company Entrata is paving a path toward leadership equality. 

How Entrata Champions Women

Entrata believes that championing women starts at the top. That’s why it’s proud to be one of the largest tech companies in Utah with gender equity at the executive level. That’s not all – women comprise nearly half of Entrata’s workforce across the mid and senior levels too.

Achieving diversity leadership for women in Utah doesn’t just happen, and Entrata has gone to great lengths to recruit women to the company. Not only is its recruiting focused on Utah women, but its global efforts seek to create Entrata careers for women. Its team in India dedicates one day a week to solely seeking out women to fill the employment pipeline. Other efforts include recruiting diverse talent through groups such as Women in Tech, Tech Moms, and Latinas in Tech.

Entrata’s efforts to support women in business don’t stop at recruiting but also sets them up for success. The company’s mentorship programs for women pair executive team members with newly hired women. This strategy helps provide a strong foundation and a supportive community of women. This community includes the “Women of Entrata,” an employee resource group for Utah women and their allies. This group is a safe, collaborative environment for discussions on relevant topics.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Entrata

Entrata is passionate about supporting women and creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture. It is motivated to be a leader in Utah and the tech industry in hiring and supporting employees with diverse backgrounds. This support comes in many forms, including flexible hours for working women and men, maternity leave benefits, pay equity for women, a women’s ERG, leadership opportunities, and more. The company believes offering these resources builds a community of women.who support promotion and growth opportunities for younger women, thus empowering them to thrive in their roles, career, and communities.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

As part of the Inspire InUtah initiative, Entrata is one of the 100 Companies Championing Women. Entrata is one of the leading tech companies that support women in Utah and is recognized and applauded for the steps it’s taken to develop programs for Utah working women. To read about other companies that support women’s empowerment, follow along with the initiative on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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