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El’s Pampered Paws

Mar. 21 2023

El’s Pampered Paws is one of central Utah’s premier dog training, daycare, and boarding facilities. It supports dog owners to raisehappy, well-adjusted canine friends. While dogs are indeed the center of this company, El’s Pampered Paws recognizes its services are only as good as its employees. The company has several initiatives to help make it a place that supports women in the workplace.

How El’s Pampered Paws Champions Women 

Caring for our canine friends requires well-rested, balanced, and happy employees, which is why El’s Pampered Paws has policies and initiatives that support all employees, especially women, in the workplace. Policies include flexible schedules, equal pay, and part-time professional roles. The company makes it easy for working women to balance their life and responsibilities outside of work. Because of the company’s compressed work week of three days one week and four days the next, women can balance home lives with work lives. As employees scale the leadership ladder, part-time professional roles are available to prevent burnout.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to El’s Pampered Paws 

Exceptional dog care comes from exceptional employees, so El’s Pampered Paws works diligently to create a company culture and policies that support women. Ensuring its employees aren’t experiencing burnout with flexible schedules, equal pay, and part-time professional roles, the company provides every pet receives the care itdeserves. The company knows that well-balanced employees leads to well-balanced dogs.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women 

Utah-based companies want to make it easier for women to join the workforce, but it can be challenging to know where to start. By highlighting companies with policies championing women, Inspire In Utah lays the foundation for businesses throughout Utah to implement policies in their organizations. El’s Pampered Paws exemplifies how to encourage women in the workplace to continue their professional goals while balancing life outside of work.

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