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May. 24 2023

doTerra provides essential oils and other natural wellness products through direct sales. Founded in 2008 to bring clean, high-quality essential oils to the world, doTERRA’s leadership discovered that the best way to do so was through community members sharing their enthusiasm for the product with others. doTERRA means “gift of earth,” and the company has strived to honor its name not only through high-quality essential oils, but also through empowering women in the workplace.

How doTERRA Champions Women

Several doTERRA initiatives champion women in the workplace. As recently as 2022, doTERRA completed a pay equity analysis, looking at all the data for full-time salaried employees. Its audit found that for 88% of job classifications, there was no statistically significant difference in pay between genders. But when it found that there were 7 job classifications where gender was statistically significant, it adjusted pay appropriately. It plans on completing pay equity analyses regularly.

Additionally, doTERRA provides onsite child care for employees. In fact, the child care center is NAEYC accredited, a superior standard of child care. doTERRA provides infertility and adoption benefits. It also offers remote work options and a Women’s Employee Resource Group, both to help make it easier for women to work around their busy schedules and to empower women in the workplace.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to doTERRA

doTERRA was founded by Emily Wright with the intention to “empower people on both sides of the bottle.”  Providing education and tools to help people – especially working women – reach their potential while balancing their other responsibilities has been at the heart of the company from the beginning.

According to Wright, she puts her whole heart into doTERRA’s purpose of healing people. While the company has been around for a long time, it has always championed women to help find success and independence knowing that communities benefit when women succeed.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

Inspire In Utah seeks to highlight businesses throughout Utah that champion and empower women in the workplace. The strategies, policies, and procedures that these companies have implemented can be seen as a template for other Utah businesses to emulate. With businesses like doTERRA blazing the trail for a more inclusive workplace, we encourage Utah companies to implement their own practices to empower women at work.

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