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Dominion Energy

Dec. 15 2022

Dominion Energy is a natural power company that operates in nine states, including Utah, and has the second-largest solar portfolio in the country. However, the most impressive thing about the company might be the way it supports women.

Dominion Energy Champions Women

The company supports women through its resource groups, programs focused on mentoring, flexible work schedules, and more. All of these efforts help Utah women have stronger voices in the workplace.

In 2015 Dominion Energy established its first chapter of the Women’s We3 Employee Resource Group that creates an inclusive work environment. The group offers a space where employees can share and learn about women’s experiences in the workplace. It also provides community outreach and networking opportunities to develop leadership and other professional skills.

The Dominion Energy mentor program has worked to even the playing field for women. This six-month program fosters 1:1 and group mentor and mentee relationships. Each mentorship strives to enhance career success, develop support systems, and drive connections among employees.

The work flexibility programs, paid family leave and dependent care, and child care support offered by the company empowers women to work while raising a family.  

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Dominion Energy

The company discovered its programs help create a happier, healthier work environment. For example, the Women’s We3 Employee Resource Group is credited with helping Dominion Energy attract and retain top female talent while making it a company where all women feel welcome.

The mentoring program enhanced communications, technical and influence skills, professional growth, problem-solving around work-related issues, and new professional contacts and friendships throughout the company.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

We’re proud of the many ways Dominion Energy supports women. That’s why they’ve been chosen as one of the companies for the Inspire In Utah 100 Companies Championing Women initiative. If you enjoyed learning about how Dominion Energy supports women, follow In Utah on Instagram and LinkedIn to learn how other Utah companies support women.

If you know of other companies that support women in Utah, nominate them to be recognized and highlighted as one of the 100 Companies Championing Women by completing an application here. And follow along as we continue spotlighting Utah companies and how they empower women in business.

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