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DogTown Pet Spa

May. 9 2023

DogTown Pet Spa is a luxury pet spa located in Sandy, Utah, that provides boarding, daycare, grooming, and training. Its daycare facility allows dogs to play off-leash indoors and outside with other dogs of similar size, age, and temperament. The company offers boarding for dogs and cats, and mini-grooms are available as an extra service. It works with dog owners to train dogs with hyperactivity issues, chewing furniture, and other challenges.

How DogTown Pet Spa Champions Women

DogTown Pet Spa champions women with options for compressed work weeks, flexible schedules, work locations, paid and unpaid family leave, and job-sharing opportunities. The company’s transition back to work after maternity leave program supports women as they balance their personal and professional lives.

It strives for pay equity for women, and pay is based on experience and job title. DogTown Pet Spa cross-trains employees to provide support and growth for every team member. As the company establishes short- and long-term goals for each employee, it improves employee retention and overall job satisfaction.

The company also provides mentoring and professional development programs that create a positive culture for team members and customers. DogTown Pet Spa’s women-led management team advocates for flexible work schedules, competitive pay, and growth opportunities. It encourages team members to contribute ideas through monthly meetings, one-on-one conversations, weekly management meetings, and regular team-building activities.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to DogTown Pet Spa

DogTown Pet Spa values safety, integrity, respect, teamwork, improvement, and growth. To succeed as a company, it strives to help employees develop their talents through one-on-one coaching sessions. Investing in individuals benefits the entire company.

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Inspire In Utah celebrates businesses that support women and remove barriers to help them succeed in the workplace and their personal lives. We showcase these businesses to inspire other businesses to achieve more equality. Empowering women empowers the entire economy, and DogTown Pet Spa is an exceptional example.

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