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DigiCert, Inc

May. 19 2023

Leading the world in digital security, DigiCert is also pioneering new paths for women in the workplace. Located in Lehi, Utah, it protects the privacy and data security of users’ interactions with web browsers, documents, software programs, apps, and more. Founded in 2003, it continues to win innovation awards and, in 2022, was recognized as one of the Best Companies to Work For in Utah.

How DigiCert, Inc Champions Women 

As a leader in digital security, DigiCert is at the forefront of championing women in the workplace. Starting with flexible schedules, options to work from home, and six months of maternity leave with an optional ramp-up back-to-work option, the company makes it easy for working mothers to balance work and home life.

Through pay equity and its Women In Tech Employee Resource Group, DigiCert encourages women to explore their career options within the tech industry. One initiative of the group, Bring Your Child To Work Day, was a huge success, with over 65 kids joining their parents at work, encouraging kids, especially girls, to consider the tech sector as a career.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to DigiCert, Inc 

In an ever-growing industry like technology, finding the best candidates for every role is crucial. That’s why DigiCert focuses on championing women in the workplace — it wants the best person in the best role for the company. With flexible work schedules, remote work options, maternity leave, and resource groups for women, the company ensures it has the most talented person in each role, regardless of gender or home life. Not only does this mean the company can grow because it has incredible talent, but it also knows that the tech industry is a great place for women to balance their careers with their life outside of work. When women thrive, the community thrives. As a company founded in Utah, DigiCert wants to help Utah continue to flourish.

 100 Utah Companies Championing Women

Many businesses in Utah want to empower women in the workplace and find the best talent for the roles in their companies. Still, it can be challenging to conceptualize actual policies and procedures. That’s why Inspire In Utah identified 100 companies in Utah that champion women, so we can highlight innovative and thoughtful ideas to inspire all companies in Utah to empower women in the workplace.

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