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Comma Copywriters

Feb. 8 2023

Comma Copywriters is more than just a content marketing company; it’s a company that focuses on creating a work-life balance for every employee. Four of the seven leadership team members, including the founder, had babies last year and took three to four months of maternity leave. The team balances the workload so everyone can have a life outside work and thrive in their careers.

Comma Copywriters Champions Women

Flexibility, baby-friendly workspaces, and a bucket list grant program are foundational practices for its leadership team. Crystalee Beck founded the company after she had two babies under two and wanted to design her work schedule to fit her family and life outside of her career. The experience of juggling motherhood and work created the company’s foundation to offer flexibility to work when, where, and as much as each employee wants, with the understanding giving flexibility leads to excellent work.

The primary roles of many women at Comma Copywriters are mother and employee. The company understands women exist outside of those two roles and implemented the bucket list grant program. This grant offers $1,000 for employees to check something off their bucket list, whether it’s a Broadway show, a camper, or a new garden. The program encourages and financially supports employees. The company champions women in Utah, and with each new client, it sponsors a girl’s education in Mozambique.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Comma Copywriters 

Comma Copywriters’ leadership team includes many working moms, so supporting women in the workplace is a feature of the company and the foundation. With monthly check-ins to assess the bandwidth of its employees, opportunities for growth, and a baby-friendly environment, this company understands the importance of work-life balance. Many babies make guest appearances at work meetings and are valued (and adorable) team members.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

Inspire In Utah knows many Utah-based companies want to improve their workplace for women but may not know where to start or what policies to enact. That’s why we’ve highlighted 100 companies in Utah that showcase what championing women in the workplace looks like. Like Comma Copywriters, many companies in Utah find flexibility, equal pay, and baby-friendly work environments invite women into the workplace.

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